Academy of life has a long tradition in east and west; its mission is to consolidate students’ ideals and knowledge through life education. Besides professional knowledge and skills, cultivation of general capability or soft power is necessary for the students to prepare for the demands of real life and develop themselves into dedicated intellectuals. The purpose of the university, still different from that of vocational universities, is to facilitate the development of the students of their fullest potential, inculcate the value of the humanities as well as nurture their citizenship and civility quality as members of the society.

Since the school year 102, Kaohsiung Medical University has included all freshmen into the Academy of Life, with an emphasis on cultivating attitude and manners of the students while strengthening general education. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences also incorporates formal courses, extended learning and hidden curriculum into a multi-dimensional learning system. The core value of KMU Academy of Life is life exploration, with gratitude, enthusiasm, respect, courtesy, esprit de corps and caring as objectives. In accordance to five principle axis, such as dedication, bearing legacy, caring, renovation and sustainability, KMU Academy of Life consists of five colleges and each has its educational philosophy: Chi Shi,Chuan Xi, Huai Ai, Ri Xin and Hou Sheng; among them, the College of Hou Sheng is established especially for the non-residential students.

Tutors of each college collaborate with life assistants of KMU Academy in planning and designing extra-curricular activities, expecting students to experience and learn through interpersonal relations. KMU Academy of Life also arranges for each residential student a tutor and a life assistant to mentor his/her learning. In order to facilitate interactions among students, a learning corner is set up at every floor of each residential hall. Besides, KMU Academy of Life designs group activities for students who commute from home. Through more interactions with tutors, life assistants and other students on the campus, KMU expects each student to be familiar with the environment, to adapt learning patterns so as to enjoy college life, to understand the value of life in and out of the classroom, to be willing to tackle with more problems, and especially to enrich academic and personal development.

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